The Royal Wedding Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment And It Is Hilarious [Video]

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Bad lip reading is one of those guilty pleasures that sometimes end up being better than the original movie or television show. While the royal wedding between Harry and Megan last weekend was a spectacle within itself, how does it stack up against the bad lip reading treatment?

We’ve all seen them, bad lip readings from Twilight to The Walking Dead. The Bad Lip Reading channel on YouTube has its finger on the pulse when it comes to which trending items should get their treatment. And, every time they do a voiceover, the result is hilarious.

This time, the royal wedding gets its turn and the results are fabulous.

The video opens with Harry and his brother William, the future king of England. They are sitting quietly, waiting for Megan to arrive. Now, everyone watching from across the world was likely wondering what the two brothers were saying to each other. However, according to this video, they were talking about hunting.

“So, how many animals would you say you’ve probably killed?” William asks Harry.

“You think I’ve kept count?” Harry replies before adding. “Sixteen hundred and ninety-three giraffes.”

This seems to alarm William, and Harry has to ask if he is all right.

“Not yet,” William replies.

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Then the bad lip reading skips to Harry and Meghan’s vows. Harry asks her if she needs a pen.

Later, the minister asks them who their favorite Harry Potter characters are. For the record, they both said “Hagrid.”

Further on in the nuptials, Harry comments on the air quality before revealing he has a very special gift for Meghan: a golden unicycle. Meghan is not at all impressed.

“I don’t want that. That present is a fail,” she says while still smiling sweetly.

Now, for those who found the sermon by Michael Curry a little drawn out for a royal wedding, the Bad Lip Reading group gives it a complete makeover as well as trimming it down for brevity. This new sermon reminds the royal crowd and distinguished guests that “dog food doesn’t feel so gross to the starving.” He then explains how to cook hot dogs before telling everyone that they should all strive to be the “best squirrel in the hole.”

Even the singers get the bad lip reading treatment. Welsh soprano singer, Elin Manahan Thomas, sounds a little off key — to say the least. Harry, though, loves the performance.

And, if you loved the Kingdom Choir’s rendition of “Stand By Me,” well get ready for the new version, which is now a song about bikinis.

However, the video saves the best for last, with the closing moments centering on Harry and William again as Harry discovers they are just puppets and don’t actually have free will at all.

You can watch all the hilarity of the bad lip reading of the royal wedding above.