Woody Allen’s Son Speaks Out In Defense Of His Father, Claims Mia Farrow ‘Brainwashed’ Him

Allen's adopted son Moses Farrow has penned an essay called "A Son Speaks Out" in which he details allegations against his mother and defends his father.

Woody Allen's son speaks out.
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Allen's adopted son Moses Farrow has penned an essay called "A Son Speaks Out" in which he details allegations against his mother and defends his father.

Woody Allen’s adopted son, Moses Farrow, has taken to the internet to defend Allen from sexual assault allegations. The allegations were made by Allen and Mia Farrow’s other adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, who since 2014 has maintained that Allen sexually abused her when she was just seven years old. There was an investigation, and Allen has always denied the claims and said that “It had been investigated by Yale and conclusions were clear and I have no interest in that whole situation… I get harassed all the time on it. But it doesn’t affect me and I just have no interest in it.”

However, the controversy surrounding Allen has intensified after the unveiling of the Weinstein scandal. Interestingly enough, the Weinstein scandal was investigated and reported on by the biological son of Allen and Farrow, Satchel. Satchel has since changed his name to Ronan, according to People.

The allegations by Dylan against Allen were made during a heated child custody battle between Allen and Farrow. At the time, Allen became romantically involved with Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon Yi-Previn, who would eventually become his new wife.

The investigation against Allen was conducted by Yale-New Haven Hospital, and the findings were that Dylan had “difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality.” Moreover, the hospital did not find any evidence of sexual assault. In the end, Farrow was given full custody of all three children: Ronan, Dylan, and Moses.

In addition to defending his father from Dylan’s accusations, Moses added that life with his mother was less than stellar. He said that “For all of us, life under my mother’s roof was impossible if you didn’t do exactly what you were told, no matter how questionable the demand.” Additionally, he accused Farrow of slapping him and brainwashing him.

Meanwhile, Dylan has responded by discrediting Moses. Dylan said that “My brother is a troubled person. I’m so sorry he’s doing this.” Dylan also added bluntly, “My brother is dead to me.”

The idea that Mia Farrow staged the entire sexual assault claims has been previously suggested by Allen. He previously said that “I loved [Dylan] and hope one day she will grasp how she has been cheated out of having a loving father and exploited by a mother more interested in her own festering anger than her daughter’s well-being.”

Dylan underscores this motive and said that “I don’t know if my sister really believes she was molested or is trying to please her mother. Pleasing my mother was very powerful motivation because to be on her wrong side was horrible.”

In the post, Moses describes in detail the family tension after Mia Farrow discovered that Woody Allen had become romantically involved with Soon-Yi. Moses said that his mother told them that his father was “evil,” “the devil,” and that Soon-Yi was “dead to us.” At the time the affair happened, Moses was around 14-years-old. And everything changed for their family, including dealing with public attacks against Soon-Yi. But Moses claims that the most destructive thing of all was his mother and her seemingly unstoppable aim to seek revenge against Woody Allen.