No Women From ‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel’s Past Are Publicly Defending Him

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When it comes to female voices in the press defending Southern Charm playboy Thomas Ravenel, the only noise has been that of crickets. For that matter, the only voices that have spoken out in Ravenel’s defense are his lawyer/polo buddy and his current plus one, and he admittedly pays her rent. But Thomas has been engaged at least three times and married once, and the public has heard nothing from these ladies.

But the press has heard from Ashley Perkins, Nanny Dawn, Luzanne Otte, and Karla Gibson, all of whom have spoken of Ravenel’s manic behavior and Dawn and Perkins have spoken to Charleston Police about sexual assault, and Perkins claims that Thomas settled a civil lawsuit with her mother for $200,000 after sexually assaulting her.

But what about the timeline of those other women who plausibly know him best?

Ravenel married his first wife, Mary Ryan Ravenel in 1995, but the couple officially split 13 months later, says Okhereisthesituation. Next came the woman that Ravenel called the “drink cart girl” on Southern Charm. He explained on the show that he perceived her to be below his level and broke it off with her the day before their wedding.

The woman nicknamed the “drink cart girl” on the first season of Southern Charm’s real name is Candace Yearwood Leaird, and she still lives in Charleston. Ravenel expressed regret at dumping Candace the day before they were supposed to tie the knot and spoke of her as “the one that got away.” Candace later ironically married the cousin of fellow cast member Kathryn Dennis.

Next was Danielle Tosi, who was engaged to Ravenel in 2011 after he served time in federal prison for cocaine charges. This relationship made the news after Ravenel sued Tosi for the return of an engagement ring, says the New York Daily News. Court documents say that Ravenel was seeking to get the diamond engagement ring, valued at $47.5k from Dr. Danielle Tosi, an anesthesiologist because he gave her the ring “as a symbol of and in sole consideration for the contemplated marriage.”

Tosi did not return the ring, but Ravenel told the Post and Courier that his lawsuit was settled amicably.

Next came Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis, thirty years Ravenel’s junior, with whom he has two children. Kathryn is not able to comment as Bravo has asked the cast not to speak about the Ravenel investigation, and also under the advice of counsel as the two are still entangled in a custody dispute.

The last plus girlfriend of note before his current plus one was a woman named Nadia Bakalova, says Daily Mail, that Ravenel says he met in the self-help section of a Barnes & Noble bookstore. Bakalova told friends she was “put off” by the instability in Thomas’ life, and started secretly seeing his neighbor, Clay Olson.

A friend of Nadia’s said that she met Olson through Ravenel.

“Thomas is a lot of fun but he’s just not ready for anything serious. Nadia met Clay through Thomas and really seemed to click. They are great for one another and she’s very happy.”

None of these women have spoken out in defense of Ravenel, or against him for that matter, but Thomas is famous for having women he settles with sign nondisclosure agreements, so they may not feel they can comment.

Charleston Police say their investigation into sexual assault charges against Ravenel are ongoing.