Rita Ora Shares Bikini Top Photos From Amsterdam

Christopher Polk Getty Images

Go ahead with your bad self, Rita Ora!

In a series of postings featured on her Instagram page, the singer and sometime actress shared some very revealing shots of herself on a canal ride in Amsterdam.

The Daily Mail is reporting that, as part of her international Girls tour, Rita Ora — who made a brief stopover in Amsterdam after performing in Belgium — posted pictures of herself wearing little more than a see-through bra.

Now, obviously, we can’t share the photos here, but you can head on over to the link above if you’re interested in seeing all the nipply goodness.

In a more conservative country, Ora’s out-there top would be frowned upon. Amsterdam, however, has a more liberated view on things like nudity and pot, so Ora’s postings barely made a ripple (though they certainly got her a fair amount of attention on Instagram from her fans and enemies alike).

Ora was only on Instagram for a short sojourn. She almost immediately went back on the road to continue touring.

Rita Ora, as was mentioned before, is currently on the European leg of her Girls tour, and it’s interesting to note that she has, in fact, come under fire for the titular song, in part because of the lyric “Sometimes, I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls.”

The LGBTQ community claimed that this lyric was “damaging” to their community.

However, almost immediately, Rita Ora received support from both straight and gay celebrities alike.

Cara Delevigne was the first to speak out in support of her friend, saying that she “loved” Ora and the message that “Girls” was trying to send. Ora, who identifies as bisexual, also showed love to the model/actress and sometime love of Paris Jackson. It’s been rumored, though never confirmed, that Delevigne and Ora had an affair as well. Delevigne also said that she supports Ora in all she does, and didn’t understand why people were being so hard on Ora for speaking “her truth.”

Another celebrity who “came out” in support of Rita Ora is Rob Kardashian Jr., who was rumored to be dating the singer and actress for a time.

Kardashian took to his Instagram to defend “his friend” against the backlash she was receiving and encouraged people to listen to the song and “judge for themselves” before taking her to task.

Rita Ora will next play in Paris, before heading off to Munich, Copenhagen, and Hamburg, before closing out her tour with the Isle of Wight and Rize festivals.