'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers For Thursday, May 24: Ashley's Secret Agenda & Remembering Cassie

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Thursday, May 24 bring explosive secrets to light, an incredibly stunning defeat, and a poignant remembrance for a dearly departed Genoa City favorite.

It's the anniversary of Cassie's death, and after Nick (Joshua Morrow), Sharon (Sharon Case), and Mariah (Camryn Grimes) debate the merits of Nick returning to Newman and working with Victor (Eric Braeden), they remember her. There's a hole in the family, and although they have moved forward, they've never forgotten their missing family member. Sharon and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) put their differences aside to go to the cemetery, and later Sharon also takes Mariah to visit Cassie.

With Mariah and Sharon gone, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) drops by, and Nick asks her advice. On what? Accepting Victor's surprising proposal. What's not so surprising is Phyllis thinks Nick might be entirely out of his mind considering returning to work with The Moustache. Of course, she's not exactly unbiased given the significant grudge she holds against him over what he did to her with Marco/Jack (Peter Bergman).

Ultimately, Sharon and Phyllis are on the same side when it comes to Nick teaming up with his father. Shouldn't that make Nick think twice about succumbing to Victor's wishes? Of course, Phyllis may not be so pro Sharon when she learns that Nick and Sharon are back together. While she won't be surprised, she's not going to like it one bit.

Instead of arguing, Nick and Sharon spend time reminiscing about the daughter they lost. It's a day devoted to family, and ultimately Victor is Nick's family, which is something both father and son seemed to forget at times. Nick shocks everybody with his decision to do what The Moustache wants. He's going back to Newman. Maybe this time will be different. Yeah, right.

Meanwhile, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) has a secret agenda, and it's all about ultimately regaining power at Jabot despite the fact that she claims to love her job at Newman. She reveals to Neil (Kristoff St. John) that she plans to keep things as they are for a while with Billy (Jason Thompson) as CEO. However, when the timing is right, she'll jettison the blood Abbott clause and appoint a new CEO.

Neil's onto her though. He sees right through her seemingly innocent plan and realizes that she wants that spot for herself. The one thing Ashely didn't count on, though, is how much her baby brother Billy likes being the head of John Abbot's company. He may just end up keeping control of everything.