‘Roseanne’ Revival Hints At Halloween Episode For Next Season

Adam RoseABC

The season finale of the Roseanne revival aired on ABC this week, and fans noticed one major callback to the original series in all of the Halloween decorations.

According to a May 22 report by Pop Culture, during the original series, Roseanne often aired special Halloween episodes, and eventually, those episodes became a favorite among viewers. While there was not a Halloween episode during the first season of the revival, it seems there could be one when the show returns for a new season later this year.

During the season finale, the Conners were waiting out a storm at their family home. The basement had flooded and boxes were brought up to the main level in hopes of saving the contents. The family talked as they looked through items in the boxes that had been long since packed away, and Darlene’s daughter Harris noticed all the Halloween decor and costumes. “Yes, we were a lot of fun before you got here,” Roseanne told her granddaughter.

“These costumes are so lame. I can’t believe anybody would be scared,” Harris then told her Granny Rose. “Hey, watch your mouth. We were famous for that stuff in these parts,” she said, obviously referring to all of the former Halloween episodes which featured elaborate costumes, hilarious storylines, parties, pranks, and more.


Roseanne even played an early Halloween prank on Harris by clutching her chest and saying she thought there was a problem with her heart. “Call 9-1-1,” Harris says before Rosie reveals a fake plastic heart through the buttons of her shirt. “I hate you,” Harris says walking out of the Conner family living room. “Each and every single one of you,” she adds as the family laughs at the prank.

Sadly, since the first season of the revival began airing on ABC at mid-season, there was no Halloween show. However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Roseanne will return for its next season as apart of the fall lineup. This means that the show will be running in the month of October, and will be on at the prime time to air many holiday-themed episodes, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some fans believed the call back to the original Halloween episodes may have a way to incorporate the spooky holiday into the season without airing an actual Halloween episode.

Roseanne herself has confirmed that next season of the show will air a “killer” Halloween episode and that she also wrote the episode. Barr was so excited about doing the episode that she revealed she would be donating her personal salary so that the episode can have “top gun” level props and special effects.