Two-Legged Dog Appears In Court To Testify Against Abusers

“London” the two-legged dog will appear in court today and tomorrow to testify against his abusers. The pitbull had to have his front two legs amputated due to serious neglect and abuse.

Amanda Giese of Panda Paws Rescue has been caring for London after finding him at a humane society in California. Giese’s rescue organization provides care and finds homes for dogs with special needs.

As reported by NBC News, when London arrived at the humane society his legs were severely fractured. The dog was unable to walk due to the injuries and reportedly had to push himself along the floor to move. Due to financial constraints the humane society was unable to provide the medical care necessary for London to heal.

Dr. Brandon Sherman treated London for his various injuries. The veterinarian determined that amputation of London’s legs was necessary to improve his quality of life.

Amanda says that London has recovered well from his operation and is a happy and active dog. Mechanics working for company called MotoCorsa were able to design a special wheelchair for London that has only two wheels. He can get around very well with two wheels in the front and his two legs pushing him along.

Police in California investigated and brought charges against London’s former owners. Zachary Hinton and Sarah Anderson have been charged with animal cruelty, neglect, and torture.

The two-legged dog will appear in court along with Amanda and Dr. Sherman, according to Panda Paws Rescue Facebook page. The page will be regularly updated with information about the trial.

If Hinton and Anderson are convicted they will both face three years in prison and a fin of up to $20,000.00.