Bill O’Reilly Discusses Obama’s ‘White Privilege’ Views

white privilege

Bill O’Reilly has drawn some backlash for uttering a theory about President Barack Obama’s treatment of Republicans. O’Reilly’s comment that President Obama’s views the GOP as “purveyors of white privilege” occurred during a Bob Woodward interview.

The O’Reilly Factor host is known for his not mincing words when he shares his thoughts. During the Monday evening segment, O’Reilly also noted Obama’s “social justice” comments during the inauguration.

The Fox News host had this to say about white privilege:

“It’s pretty clear that Obama doesn’t like them because he doesn’t feel — he feels that they are the purveyors of white privilege. He’s never going to say that, but that’s the theme that runs through his advisers: The white privilege has to be broken down.”

Bob Woodward did not agree with Bill O’Reilly’s statements about Obama and white privilege, according to The Blaze. The Washington Post reporter believes that Obama’s treatment of Republican is based on ideological differences and not race. When faced with Woodward’s opposing view, O’Reilly did not back off his conclusion about the president’s motivation when faced with opposition from across the aisle.

Bill O’Reilly had this to say when expanding on Obama’s treatment of Republicans:

“The Republican agenda, in his mind, the president’s mind, props up white privilege. Therefore, as the social justice champion, he has to tear that down. He doesn’t like the white privilege thing and he doesn’t like the Republicans trying to defend it. And that’s the seed.”

President Obama’s social justice mindset may be heralded by liberals, but has drawn fire from the GOP. Fiscal conservatives focused on responsible spending have taken issue with social justice arguments during the Obama administration.

Do you think President Obama is focused on issues relating to white privilege?