Ariana Grande Responds To Social Media Haters Over New Relationship With Pete Davidson

Jason KempinGetty Images

Ariana Grande is not here for Twitter trolls criticizing her love life.

According to Us Weekly, the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer clapped back against a fan who had a bit too much to say about Grande’s breakup with rapper Mac Miller and her new fling with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson.

Just to recap: Grande and Miller dated for nearly two years with the pair making plenty of public declarations and Miller even penning a song to his lady love during their relationship. Miller was there for Grande during the tragedy at her concert in Manchester just one year ago, and the couple seemed to be going strong earlier this year. Sadly, Grande posted news of the duo’s split on Instagram earlier this month, sharing that things ended amicably and that she had unconditional love for her friend. From Grande’s message, it sounded like the pair intended to remain in each other’s lives and support one another, no matter the status of their romantic relationship.

So really, as far as celebrity breakups go, this was refreshingly civil.

Then news broke that Grande was dating SNL cast member Pete Davidson. Grande hosted and performed on the late-night sketch series a handful of times, so rumors of a romance between the two weren’t that shocking to most of us, but the new relationship seems to have caught at least one Twitter user off guard.

Elijah Flint shared his thoughts about Grande’s breakup on social media over the weekend, and his tweet quickly went viral. In the post, Flint puts Grande on blast for leaving Miller after he’d dedicated an album to the singer and just gone through a messy DUI arrest. Insinuating it’s not okay to blame any woman for a man’s mistakes and because Grande is a feminist capable of handling herself, the singer responded to Flint’s accusations, educating him on his problematic way of thinking.

According to Grande’s post, Miller’s sobriety seemed to be a deciding factor in their breakup. The singer shares that she did her best to help her ex find balance and that she continues to pray for his health and well-being but she had to take a step back from the relationship for her own well-being. Grande goes on to assert that no woman should be blamed for a man’s inability to get his life together before ending on a positive note, wishing her former beau well.

The response seemed to strike a chord with Flint, who quickly responded to Grande’s message apologizing for not understanding the entire situation and wishing the both of them well. And because Grande is the epitome of class, she accepted the apology and used the interaction to send a message about knowing your self-worth and the dangers of toxic relationships.