Jill Kelley Blackmail Claim: Paula Broadwell Targeted Me With Threatening Emails

Jill Kelley has made a blackmail claim against Paula Broadwell, saying that the David Petraeus mistress sent emails threatening to destroy Kelley’s comfortable life in the Tampa suburbs.

Kelley broke a three-month silence since the David Petraeus scandal first erupted last year. The CIA chief was revealed to be having an affair with Broadwell, his biographer.

Jill Kelley, a Tampa socialite and friend of Petraeus, said she received ambiguously threatening emails that she later found were from Braodwell. But The Daily Beast noted that the author was so ambiguous that Kelley “didn’t even know it was a female.”

Kelley had been identified as the target of Broadwell’s emails back in November, though Kelley didn’t speak out and detail were murky.

But in revealing her blackmail story, Kelley quashed a common myth in the early reporting of the scandal. It had been reported — and assumed — that Broadwell sent the threatening email to a perceived romantic rival for Petraeus. The New York Daily News reported reported that they emails told Kelley to “stay away” from Petraeus.

Kelley revealed that they were of a different nature.

From The Daily Beast: “A person close to Kelley says the tone of the notes grew increasingly severe and, without being explicit, threatening. She declined to show me the emails, which another source described as fewer than 10 in number.”

Jill Kelley said the blackmail was even more bizarre given that she didn’t know Paula Broadwell at all.

“I never met Paula in my life,” Jill Kelley said about the blackmail emails.