Bronx Man Allegedly Stabs Pregnant Army Soldier Girlfriend Until She Loses Baby, Claims It Was ‘An Accident’

Kevork DjansezianGetty Images

In what is being described as a “horrific” crime — and for good reason — a Bronx man has been arrested and charged with a variety of felonies after stabbing his girlfriend so many times that she lost the baby she was carrying.

According to The Daily Mail, Oscar Alvarez — the Bronx man in question — is being charged with attempted murder, assault with intent to cause serious physical injury, assault, and weapons possession after he stabbed his pregnant girlfriend, Liv Abreu, multiple times.

The 30-year-old victim was stabbed six times in the chest and once in the side.

Abreu was 26 weeks into her pregnancy when Alvarez attacked her, and his attacks were so vicious that she lost the baby girl that she was carrying.

Abreu, who was due in August 2018, had taken to sharing pictures of “my little human” on her social media accounts, and by all accounts, couldn’t wait to be a mother.

After the vicious attack, Abreu — who served in Afghanistan as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division — crawled to a neighbor’s apartment to ask for help.

When police arrested the Bronx man allegedly responsible for this tragedy, Alvarez reportedly told the arraigning judge that it was “an accident.” According to the police report, Alvarez and Abreu started fighting at 12:30 a.m., with Alvarez accusing Abreu of cheating on him. At around that time, Alvarez committed the stabbing then denied Abreu care for more than a half-hour while he changed his shirt, grabbed his keys, and Abreu’s cell phone, and left the apartment, leaving Abreu to bleed to death.

Alvarez then sped off in Abreu’s Jeep, which he ditched at 4 a.m., before surrendering to police.

At Alvarez’s arraignment, his public defender asked that he be released on his own recognizance since he was “a hardworking man with no criminal history.” The judge, unimpressed, ordered Alvarez held without bail.

Neighbors reported that the couple, who live across the street from Yankee Stadium, didn’t seem to show any signs of domestic violence, but they could often hear loud screams resulting from arguments.

Despite the brutal assault by the Bronx man — whom she met at the T-Mobile store where she worked as a retail manager — Abreu is expected to survive, at least physically, and her brother calls her “a soldier in more ways than one.”