Jared Kushner Gets Roasted By Classmates Before Harvard Reunion

Harvard alumni used their forum to call Kushner out.

Senior White House Adviser and the son-in-law of President Donald Trump Jared Kushner listens during a panel discussion titled 'Successes
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Harvard alumni used their forum to call Kushner out.

In advance of the Harvard Class of ’03 reunion, some of Jared Kushner’s classmates are using their space in the Harvard Red Book (normally reserved for updates on what’s going on in one’s life) to send a message to Jared Kushner. In a sort of polite protest, people who would normally talk about life events and professional accomplishments have used the space provided to send Kushner a message about their discontent. Jared Kushner is not expected to attend the actual reunion, but some of his classmates are speaking out loud and clear.

The Boston Globe says that the comments range from snarky to harsh. Some of them call out Kushner by name while others are slightly more subtle. But a few people have gone further to create a private “Shame on You, Jared Kushner” Facebook page, which was the power behind people using the Red Book to share their thoughts on Kushner and by proxy, Donald Trump.

One of Jared Kushner’s classmates, whose grandparents were Holocaust survivors, spoke of her disappointment.

“Mostly, I feel low-grade, constant horror as I watch attacks on refugees, minorities, my most at-risk patients, women’s rights, and the environment, and new threats of nuclear war. Shame on you, Jared Kushner.”

Another Harvard classmate, Jon Sherman was obviously going for a tongue in cheek moment when he called Kushner a “fascist,” saying that it added some spice to their class.

“I, for one, am actually glad that our Class of ’03 finally has a real, live fascist among us. Who says Harvard isn’t diverse?”

Some people got creative by writing essays and poems. One wrote a haiku.

“Real tough world right now

Our classmate really involved???

Get out of there now”

Bustle confirms that Jared Kushner did not send an entry into the Red Book this year to tell his classmates how he’s doing, likely because they already know. Some Harvard Class of ’03 alum made public statements after writing comments aimed at Kushner in the Red Book. Sherman said that if Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump think they can slide back into their old lives when this is over, they are sadly mistaken because people at shops and restaurants are going to say far worse things.

“This is a free country and there are going to be consequences for the way they’ve behaved during this time. Social consequences, if nothing else in this immediate period. They can’t just return to their old life and walk around and go to restaurants in New York and DC and not get constant backlash.”