Adam Rippon, Boyfriend, Plan To Co-Habitate, Double Date With Jenna Johnson & Val Chmerkovskiy

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Adam Rippon has revealed that he is ready to take things to the next level with his boyfriend Jussi-Pekka Kajaala. The Olympic figure skater and newly crowned Dancing with the Stars: Athletes champ told People Now he is ready to move in with his boyfriend, who will soon relocate to the United States from Finland.

“We’ll live together,” Rippon told People of his future with his Finnish beau. “It’s like a whole process to move out here — like you’re moving countries. But I think it’s something that we’re both really looking forward to. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Adam Rippon met his man on the dating app Tinder late last year. As for how the couple’s relationship will change once they live in the same country, the 28-year-old Olympic champ said, “That’s a dynamic change I’m very open to.”

In the same interview, Adam’s Dancing with the Stars partner Jenna Johnson revealed that an engagement ring from longtime love Val Chmerkovskiy could be in her future. Jenna confirmed that Val is “the one” and that she is just waiting for “a shiny thing” from her fellow Dancing with the Stars mirrorball champ to make their future together official.

To my hunny. There are so many reasons why my heart could explode with love for you right now.. here are just of few of the things I love about getting to call you mine. ♥️ You are my best friend. You have a tender heart full of giving and sharing. You make me Chicken Caesar salad because I’m terrible at cooking. You are a perfectionist and never settle for less. I could stare at you for hours on end. You have a way with kids that makes my heart melt. You’re my absolute favorite travel/adventure buddy. You’ve turned my life into a real life fairytale. You put up with my Aries emotional CRAZY. With you by my side, my heart feels calm, safe, and loved endlessly. You’re a loyal brother, proud son, and loving grandson. The best thing I get to do everyday is love you. Happy Valentines Day ????

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Adam Rippon and Jenna Johnson’s romances are going so well that they plan to go on a double date in the near future. Jenna dished on the possibility of going to a “very boujee restaurant” for a “very long sit-down dinner” with Adam and Jussi-Pekka. Rippon revealed that Jenna hasn’t met his man in person yet, so they are hoping to have a “relaxing” date as they all get to know each other.

“Jenna hasn’t met JP in person yet,” Adam said, adding that the two have communicated on Facetime several times and exchanged weekly texts before the live Dancing with the Stars shows each Monday.

Good boys Finnish ???????? first

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Jenna Johnson previously told People the double date would happen as soon as Adam’s boyfriend arrives in the states. But despite Adam’s winning dance moves, the DWTS duo may keep dancing off the date menu.

“We promised each other we’d do a double date right when he gets here,” Jenna said of the double date, with Rippon adding, “[We’ll] probably be taking a break [from dancing], but having a good time.”

You can see Adam Rippon and Jenna Johnson talking about their relationships and a future double date in the video below.

Dancing with the Stars returns to ABC this fall.