Lone Star College: Shots Fired At Houston School

five stabbed at lone star college

3:30: pm UPDATE- Two of the victims are reportedly students. the victims are supposedly in critical and serious condition. The shooter was also injured. Lone Star College has a no guns on campus policy. Early reports indicate that the shooters are students. Vicki Cassidy, a Lone Star College spokeswoman told Fox News that witnesses stated they saw a shooter run into the woods. Police officers are still reportedly searching for the second shooter. Claims that the shooting stems from a gang issue abound, but were unconfirmed by the Houston college representative.

2:33 pm UPDATE – Developing reports now indicate that three people were shot at Lone Star College. One eye witness told Fox News that he and another person inadvertently aided the shooter. The unconfirmed witness account indicates that the shooter had a leg wound and was near another victim. Students and staff appear to now have evacuated the school.

All local schools have been placed on lockdown as a precaution. If early local news reports are accurate, police officers are still searching for a possible second shooter. The Lone Star College shooting victims appear to have been transported to area hospitals for medical treatment.

Shots have been fired at the Lone Star College in Houston. Few details are yet known about the possible school shooting in Texas. Live video from the campus show emergency personnel on the campus with stretchers.

An email sent to Lone Star College staffers and students told everyone to stay in place until they were told to leave by police. ABC News notes that two people have reportedly been shot. Witnesses have noted that a series of gun shots were heard near the library.

If witness accounts are accurate, the victims had gunshot wounds in their legs. Injuries and identities of the victims have not yet been released. Fox News live reports indicate there may be three victims at the Houston college. Early reports indicate that one man may be in custody. Unconfirmed reports also note Houston police officers may be searching for a second shooter.

More details about the Lone Star College shooting will be added when they become available.