‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Two Lonely Hearts Lean On One Another, Kiki And Griffin May Romantically Connect

David LivingstonABC

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Ava broke up with Griffin after she accused him of moving in on her daughter Kiki. Ava misconstrued what she saw, but she blew up and broke things off and then almost immediately tried to apologize and reunite with Griffin. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to reconnect with him and it didn’t take long for him to end up by Kiki’s side. Now, spoilers hint that this friendship may be about to turn frisky.

General Hospital spoilers from Executive Producer Frank Valentini via Twitter declared that there was an unexpected hookup on the way that would surprise viewers. The timing of his tweet made many think the hookup would happen during Tuesday’s show, but it looks like it’ll be on Wednesday’s episode. While there are plenty of pairings viewers would like to see involved in a surprise hookup, it seems certain that Valentini is referring to Kiki and Griffin in this instance.

The last that viewers saw, Kiki and Griffin were in the ballroom together and she had already been downing some drinks. Viewers thought that perhaps Kiki and Michael would reconnect after the two were chatting after the Nurses Ball, and that wouldn’t have been an entirely unwelcome or unexpected development. However, it looks as if Kiki and Griffin will turn to one another for some support and General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will quickly cross a line between these two.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicate that Kiki is soon going to do something without thinking and all signs point toward this hinting that she’ll be getting frisky with Griffin. Additional spoilers for the week note that Griffin will soon bite off more than he can chew, and that would be an accurate description of the situation he will be in if he hooks up with Kiki right after being dumped by Ava.

Ava will surely be furious if she learns that her daughter and her new ex-boyfriend immediately hooked up, and this could put Griffin in a tight spot when it comes to the Anna and Henrik mess. Griffin has grown quite close to Anna and if Ava exposes him for what he’s known and how long he’s known it, he’ll surely be regretting some of his recent choices.

Pairing Griffin and Ava together received a relatively lukewarm reception from General Hospital fans, but breaking them up and putting him immediately with Kiki probably won’t work for viewers either. Spoilers hint that things will get explosive as this storyline progresses and people will be curious to see just how the dust settles.