‘The Middle’ Series Finale: What Happened To The Heck Family In The Final Episode?

Mitch HaasethABC

The Middle ended its nine-year run on Tuesday night as fans gathered to watch the series finale on ABC. The show, which trended on Twitter throughout the final episode, ended in the fashion that viewers have become accustomed to, with heartfelt family comedy.

During The Middle series finale, it was revealed that the Hecks’ oldest son, Axl, had decided to take a job offer in Denver. The entire family dealt with Axl’s decision to leave in their own way, with Frankie and Sue taking the news the hardest. Finally, when the day came to drive Axl to Colorado, the entire family piled into the beat-up station wagon for one last road trip.

According to TVLine, throughout the episode, all of the loose ends began to tie up. One of The Middle’s biggest storylines for Season 9 had been the relationship between Sue Heck and Sean Donahue. Just as Seann was about to board a plane to Ghana to do charity work, he found the snow globe that Sue had slipped into his duffel bag and immediately went to go find her. Sean drove as quickly as he could and tracked the Heck family down on their way to Denver. Sean finally told Sue how he felt about her, and the couple kissed as the entire family looked on.

While The Middle fans watched Frankie struggle with losing her son throughout the final episode, it was revealed she really didn’t have to worry. As the narrator of the story, Frankie revealed exactly what happened to the family in the future, much to fans’ delight.

The Middle series finale confirmed that Axl eventually moved back to Orson and married his college girlfriend, Lexie. The best part of the storyline was that Axl ended up with three sons all with the same attitude he had growing up. As for the Heck’s middle child, Sue, Frankie revealed that she turned into the wonderful woman they all knew she would. Sue and Sean were married by none other than Reverend Tim Tom as the Heck and Donahue families finally joined together.

As for the youngest member of the Heck family, Brick, he became a popular author when he wrote a young adult series based on his interesting childhood. Mike and Frankie also fared well. While Frankie revealed that she and her husband never fixed the wallpaper in their home, patched the hole in Sue’s wall, or replaced their washing machine, they filled their home with something much more important, love, laughter, and memories.

The Middle aired its final episode on Tuesday night at 8:30 on ABC.