New Image From Rob Zombie’s ‘3 From Hell’ Shows Captain Spaulding In Prison


When word got out that Rob Zombie was planning on bringing the Devil’s Rejects back to life, everyone thought he was joking or that it was just a stupid rumor. Now, production has already started on his next film which is titled 3 From Hell and it has the three heroes or villains that the world saw drive off into the sunset in The Devil’s Rejects. The only thing is that this first image from the movie shows Captain Spaulding in jail and suggests something else actually happened.

Please let it be known that there will be spoilers for the two previous films in this franchise. If you haven’t seen them or simply don’t want to know, then, stop reading now.

In 2003, Zombie haunted the world with the sadistic House of 1,000 Corpses, but he had much more to give. In 2005, the sequel titled The Devil’s Rejects became a reality and saw Captain Spaulding, Otis, and Baby cause a lot more havoc and seemingly complete their vicious cycle of violence to the innocent.

Only, something quite unique must have happened because they certainly aren’t dead.

Bloody-Disgusting stumbled across something intriguing posted on Rob Zombie’s Instagram on Tuesday and it is the first image from 3 From Hell. In it, Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) is seen being led somewhere by prison guards with bars all around him.

Zombie states that Spaulding is being led away to his cell, but he doesn’t give much more info other than that. He does also say “Free The Three!” which obviously means that Otis Firefly (Bill Moseley) and Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) are also in jail and that means something big.

It means that the shootout at the end of The Devil’s Rejects did not leave the three dead and they ended up in prison instead.

Rob Zombie wasn’t done, though, as he also released a shot of Jeff Daniel Phillips as Warden Virgil Dallas Harper who is dealing with the Rejects as they are imprisoned.

The shot of Captain Spaulding now means that all three of the Rejects have been seen alive in images from 3 From Hell. On Monday, Zombie released shots of both Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) and Otis (Moseley) as they are led from the court and speaking out during their trial.

Zombie really isn’t giving much away regarding the movie even though he did recently tell Trunk Nation that “we’re done shooting it.” Editing on the movie is going to have to wait until late August or September when the filmmaker finishes up his tour.

Despite having these four images from the movie and seeing more than we ever thought possible, there is still next to nothing known about 3 From Hell. Rob Zombie hasn’t revealed the plot of the film or anything that happens in it, but the images at least give a general idea of how things may start out for Captain Spaulding, Otis Firefly, and Baby. For now, there is no official release date, but it is expected to be sometime in mid-2019.