Taylor Swift’s Hilarous Reaction To Her Cats Being Featured In ‘Deadpool 2’

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Taylor Swift finds it hilarious that her beloved cats Meredith and Olivia were prominently featured in a scene from the new Ryan Reynolds film Deadpool 2.

In a scene where Ryan is in character as Deadpool, the actor wears a t-shirt that reads “Olivia & Meredith Best Friends Purrrrr-Ever” alongside a photo of Taylor’s cats.

This is the first time the animals have been featured in a film.

Fans of Taylor know of her love for her furbabies. She named the cats after her two favorite characters on the television shows Law & Order: SVU and Grey’s Anatomy.

In response to the love shown by Deadpool 2‘s producers, Taylor took to her own Instagram story to ask her pets for their comments about making their debut on the big screen, as reported by Us Weekly.

In a video, she told Meredith, who is named after Grey’s Anatomy character Meredith Grey, the news. “Meredith, I wanted to tell you something. This is really important, Deadpool 2, um, they put you and your sister on a shirt in a movie,” she said.

“Can you hear her purring? She’s really happy,” she remarked.

Olivia, who is named after Law & Order‘s Olivia Benson, seemed to care less.

“How do you feel about the shirt? The world is dying to know. No comment?” Taylor quipped to her feline.

Taylor and the Deadpool 2 star have been friends for years, and the “Reputation” singer is particularly close with Ryan’s wife Blake Lively. She is so close to the family in fact, that Taylor featured the couple’s daughter James, 3, on the intro of “Gorgeous” off her latest CD “Reputation.”

Taylor’s is a superfan of both Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order: SVU, and has watched both shows for years. “I sit in my apartment and watch hours of that show,” the country superstar told Teen Vogue in 2011. “So I sort of feel like me and Olivia are BFFs.”

Taylor Swift at the 2015 iHeartRadio Awards
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She also spoke lovingly of her other cat as well. “Her name is Meredith—Meredith Grey because she’s a gray cat, and because I love Grey’s Anatomy,” Taylor said in an interview with Us Weekly. “She’s awesome. She’s like one of those cats that give cats a good name. She doesn’t hide under furniture and get weird around people. She’s really friendly and fun and she’s perfect for the road because she doesn’t ever get freaked out. So I’m really glad that she has a cool personality.”

Taylor Swift is currently on tour promoting her new album Reputation.