WWE News: Big Cass Out Of ‘MITB’—Daniel Bryan May Have A Second Chance On ‘SmackDown Live’


During a recent WWE house show in Germany, Big Cass supposedly received an injury that prevents him from performing at Money in the Bank. The WWE released a video that shows Big Cass at ringside holding his knee and two officials helping him walk back up the ramp. The reason this injury is questionable is that the exact same scenario played out at an Amsterdam house show the night before.

Many rumors have been circulating that Big Cass has some major backstage heat for supposedly going off script. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the WWE superstar was involved in a spot with a little person during a recent episode of SmackDown Live. Because of all this, the rumor is that the WWE is doing an angle that takes Big Cass out of any opportunities for the Money in the Bank ladder match as a punishment to the superstar.

Of course, there is also a chance that the wrestler tweaked his knee in Amsterdam and then officially injured it in Germany. Repeating the same endings for multiple matches at house shows was a staple thing to do before the internet, but in the world of social media it is far rarer. One would think, if this is an angle, that the WWE would have foresight to not duplicate the happenings from the night before.


Anytime a wrestler gets injured it’s unfortunate, and hopefully, that’s not the case with Big Cass. Regardless of whether this is a work or shoot, the show must go on. With Cass out of the contest, that leaves a spot open for a MITB qualifier contest. General Manager Paige recently tweeted big news concerning WWE superstars Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy, and Samoa Joe, and major implications involving them and Money in the Bank.


Both Bryan and Hardy previously had opportunities for the ladder match. Previously on SmackDown, Bryan lost clean to Rusev, and Hardy lost clean to The Miz. Daniel and Jeff will battle on Tuesday, May 22, to advance one step closer for a chance at the coveted briefcase. Given the duo’s impressive in-ring skills, these two superstars almost guarantee a great match for tonight.

But Samoa Joe is waiting in the wings. Whoever wins tonight’s contest will face Joe on next week’s SmackDown, and the winner of that match will advance to the MITB ladder match. There is a great chance that Joe will end up advancing to the ladder match since Hardy and Bryan were initially written out of the contest.

But storylines are rewritten on a constant basis in the WWE, and the company loves to surprise their audience (who knows, Big Cass could still end up in the ladder contest). This mystery and intrigue is likely to lead to a great contest between Samoa Joe and either Jeff or Daniel, and it all starts on tonight.

WWE SmackDown Live poster of Daniel Bryan and Jeff Hardy.
Featured image credit: WWE

WWE SmackDown airs live on Tuesday on the USA Network at 8 p.m. EST.