Vacationing Mom Arrested On 22-Year-Old Shoplifting Charge

Crime doesn't pay: Mom arrested after 22 years for bailing out of court fees

Sometimes, those youthful indiscretions all of us would rather forget just won’t leave us alone. That’s how it is for Robin Hall, who is stuck in jail for stealing cigarettes from WalMart — 22 years ago.

The mother was arrested while vacationing with her family because of a bill she didn’t pay 22 years ago in relation to her crime. Hall stole cigarettes from WalMary back in 1991, and owes the state $85. She didn’t pay the bill. Now, she’s in jail.

“I just want it to be all over so I can go home,” Hall said from her cell in Brevard County Jail, Florida.

The youthful indiscretion followed the Connecticut native to Florida, where she and her husband were finishing a vacation with their two children. The family had been aboard the Disney Dream cruise ship, but when the vacation ended, Brevard County police officers were waiting for Hall at the Port Canaveral pier. As she left the boat on Thursday morning, she was allegedly pulled aside and told there was a warrant for her arrest.

When police checked the ship’s passenger list for terrorists, they found a warrant for Hall.

Since the incident 22 years ago, Hall has put herself through college, married, had two children, and now helps design jet engines for Pratt & Whitney.

“I take full responsibility for what I did but I do not believe I deserve this,” Hall said.

Hall has not been permitted to post bail because the charge is from a different county. She must be transferred to post bale and rectify the situation. With the long holiday weekend, she may not be transferred until Thursday.