Clairvoyant Camel Predicts Baltimore Ravens Will Win Super Bowl

A clairvoyant camel from New Jersey is predicting that the Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl.

Princess, a 26-year-old Bactrian camel at the Popcorn Park Zoo, New Jersey, has a pretty good record of predicting Super Bowl winners.

“Over seven years she’s only lost once,” Popcorn Park’s general manager John Bergmann told ABCNews. “Last year, she picked the Giants to win and they won. I think she has a record of 6 and 1.”

However, Princess may be using her stomach to choose winners.

“She loves graham crackers. In one palm we write down with one of these magic markers the 49ers, and on the other, the Ravens,” Bergmann said. “We cover them with graham cracker so she can’t see. Whichever she chooses to eat first is her pick. She picked the 49ers to win [Sunday], and they did.”

Princess apparently changed her mind, and chose the Ravens to win instead of the 49ers.

“I guess she picked the older brother,” Bergmann said. Brothers John Harbaugh, who is the head coach for the Ravens, and Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers’ head coach, will be facing off in the Super Bowl on February 3.

Princess began predicting the outcome of Giants and Jets games in 2006 after a radio station contacted Bergmann about involving an animal in the DJ’s weekly picks. Bergmann said Princess beat the DJ every week.

Princess isn’t the only animal to predict the outcomes of a major sports event. There was also Paul, an octopus that predicted the winners of each of Germany’s matches in the 2010 World Cup. Paul passed away shortly after his brief stint in the limelight.

Do you think Princess the camel is right? Will the Ravens win the Super Bowl?