‘The Bachelorette’ 2018 Spoilers: Becca Kufrin’s Final 2 Men Revealed, As Reality Steve Teases Final Rose Pick

Craig SjodinABC

Becca Kufrin’s journey as The Bachelorette of the 2018 spring season is about to debut on ABC, and plenty of spoilers are emerging regarding what’s on the way. Gossip king Reality Steve has been revealing lots of juicy goodies since filming began in March, and now he’s sharing details breaking down which two guys are the last suitors standing. He’s also teasing some information about Kufrin’s final rose pick, but fans will have to hang tight on that front for the moment.

According to Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers, Jason Tartick, Garrett Yrigoyen, and Blake Horstmann are the three men who joined Becca Kufrin for the fantasy suite overnight dates in Thailand. Now, he notes that Jason was eliminated at that point. For those who have been following the spoilers throughout filming, this probably doesn’t come as a big surprise that Yrigoyen and Horstmann remained for the final rose ceremony.

Reality Steve has previously indicated that Garrett was a frontrunner, and there has been a lot of talk regarding Blake and the chemistry he seems to share with Becca. Much less has emerged about Jason, and Bachelorette viewers will be curious to see him on screen and see how Kufrin interacts with both Yrigoyen and Horstmann as the episodes begin to air on ABC.

What about that final rose pick? Reality Steve’s spoilers have not revealed a solid answer on that yet, and he admits that he doesn’t know for certain at this point. He notes that he has heard teasers about both Garrett and Blake winning, and he isn’t ready to run with one of them as the last man standing until he gets confirmation from one specific source.

The gossip guru has had some trouble in past Bachelorette seasons in terms of nailing this crucial tidbit, so he’s definitely not going to name one of the men as the winner until he knows for sure. Reality Steve also details that fellow bachelor Connor Obrochta had made a comment on one of Blake’s Instagram posts referencing an engagement to Becca. However, there’s no indication that Connor necessarily knew anything solid or was being serious and he has since deleted the comment.

Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers also note that even from the premiere of Kufrin’s season, it’s going to be fairly obvious that this is going to be the Garrett and Blake show. Those are the two who sparked the most with Becca at the beginning, and those are the two she remained the most interested in until the end. Which one is currently engaged to the Bachelorette star? That key spoiler remains under wraps for the moment.

ABC’s The Bachelorette 2018 season debuts on Monday, May 28, and fans cannot wait to watch Becca Kufrin taking charge and handing out roses. Additional spoilers from Reality Steve regarding her final rose pick should be emerging soon, and it’s looking like it’ll be a romantic and exciting season.