‘One Piece’ Chapter 905 Spoilers Tease Strawhats’ Journey To Wano And Major Incident At The Reverie

tofoli.douglasFlickr/Public Domain

One Piece did not release a new chapter last week, as popular manga creator Eiichiro Oda decided to take a short hiatus. Days before One Piece Chapter 905 becomes officially available, spoilers are already surfacing on the web. According to Otakukart, the two recent comments from the editor gave a major hint on what is going to happen in the upcoming chapter.

The first comment the editor made for One Piece Chapter 905 is about the incident that will take place at the Reverie. Even before the Reverie starts, several incidents have already happened involving the prominent personalities from great nations that are being targeted by bad pirates. These include the kidnapping of Princess Komane of the Lulushia Kingdom, and the planned attack against the ship carrying the royalties of the Dressrosa and the Prodence Kingdom. Luckily, Coby and Helmeppo showed up to save them and stop the pirates from their evil plans.

This time, Otakukart speculated that the Revolutionary Army could be the mastermind of the incident. In One Piece Chapter 904, Monkey D. Dragon and Sabo revealed their plan to declare an all-out war against the Celestial Dragons. While waiting for the commanders and other members, they already started making plans and one of the those could be the incident that is about to happen in One Piece Chapter 905. Aside from the Marines, the Cipher Pol and the Gorosei are expected to be seen in action in the nearing battle between the Revolutionary Army and the World Government.


The second thing the editor talked about One Piece Chapter 905 is the next journey of the Strawhat Pirates. After getting the copies of Big Mom’s Poneglyphs and bringing Vinsmoke Sanji back, the Strawhat Pirates left the Whole Cake Island to meet the others at the Wano Country. As of now, it remains unknown if Luffy and his crew reach Wano Country in a short span of time, but there is a high possibility that Eiichiro Oda will release filler chapters before the much-awaited reunion happens.

One Piece Chapter 905 could also feature what is currently happening in the Wano Country, where Zoro and the remaining Strawhat Pirates are expected to fight the remnants of the Beast Pirates. Their main goal is to free the country from Kaidou and make preparations to take him down when all of their reinforcements arrive. Of all the Strawhat Pirates, Zoro is expected to gain a lot during their stay at the Wano Country since it is known to be the land of great swordsmen.