Bravo Has Reportedly Warned 'Southern Charm' Stars About Spilling Dirt On Thomas Ravenel

Amy Feinstein

Bravo is said to be walking a fine line right now with the Charleston Police investigation into Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel. Ravenel has publicly been accused of sexual assault and forcible rape by two women, and Bravo and Southern Charm's production company, Haymaker, have alleged that they are doing their own investigation.

But what do they hope to find? FitsNews isn't so sure that Bravo wants to find anything and says the network famous for the Real Housewives franchise is currently in panic mode as Charleston Police attempt to question the entire Southern Charm cast about the accusations against Ravenel. The show is in the midst of some of its best ratings ever, so they don't want to make big changes at this time.

But at least one of Ravenel's accusers has been on the show in earlier seasons, dragging the rest of the cast into the mix. Dawn, the Ravenel children's first nanny, says that while she was working for the family, Thomas raped her at his home, first exposing himself to her before getting violent.

For this reason, Bravo and Haymaker's investigation into Ravenel has only allegedly yielded gag orders and threats of fines and possible terminations for the rest of the Southern Charm cast.

And according to Will Folks of Fitsnews, Bravo's fear is being conveyed to its on-air talent who are also getting scared.

"We're told hefty fines and possible termination have been threatened against any Southern Charmers who talk out of school about the case. Meanwhile, law enforcement sources familiar with Bravo's response to the scandal have described encountering 'resistance' from cast members as they attempt to get to the bottom of the allegations."

Right now the ball is in the court of South Carolina solicitor Scarlett Wilson, but sources close to the detectives in the case wish that those who work with Ravenel would be more forthcoming.

Kathryn started by expressing concern for the couple's two children.

"Well, I'm waiting until the investigation is complete before I comment on anything, and right now my kids are my focus."

Then Conover threw in his point of view.

"Yeah, all I know is what I see in the media so it really wouldn't be right for me to say anything at this point. I'm aware – everyone else is."

It's unclear whether Kathryn or Craig have had their meetings yet with the Charleston Police Detective building the case against Ravenel.