Marc Summers To Return For ‘Double Dare’ Reboot

Richard ShotwellAP Images

Double Dare wouldn’t be Double Dare without Marc Summers. So luckily, the original host of the messy Nickelodeon game show will be back for the recently announced reboot, albeit in a different role. According to TMZ, Summers, who was the very first host of Double Dare from 1986 to 1993, will return for the show’s upcoming 40-episode reboot.

Sources close to production tell TMZ that Summers will serve as an executive producer on the new incarnation of the show, but he will also have some sort of on-camera role as well. It is not believed that Marc Summers will host the Double Dare reboot.

The format for the new Double Dare will feature two teams facing off in obstacle courses and answering various trivia questions for cash and prizes. TMZ revealed that some of the throwback obstacles will be back in action. The original Double Dare boasted a human hamster wheel, gigantic mouth, wringer, and a slime-filled Double Dare nose.

Sources close to production told TMZ that Marc Summers was a quick hire, which isn’t surprising considering the cryptic tweet he posted when news of the Double Dare reboot was announced last month. In April, Summers posted a link to a Nickelodeon press release about the Double Dare revival and he added the comment “Isn’t this interesting?”


TMZ revealed the official announcement regarding Summers rejoining the show is expected this week, which also falls in line with Summers’ recent tweet that promised: ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED THIS WEEK.”


Last month, Nickelodeon announced the return of Double Dare, the network’s landmark game show, more than 30 years after its original run first made its debut. The 40-episode Double Dare revival will “feature appearances from blasts from the past, longtime Double Dare fans and stars from today,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.


In addition, Entertainment Weekly teased that some past contestants are expected to return for the Double Dare revival. So, Marc Summers may not be the only familiar face diehard Double Dare fans will see.

Ahead of Double Dare’s 30th anniversary in 2016, Marc Summers issued a statement about the show’s place in game show history.

Double Dare was the show for a particular generation,” Summers said, according to E! News. “For the kids of the ’80s and ’90s, they laughed and learned, and got messy in the process. Thirty years later, I believe it’s still the gold standard.”

You can see Marc Summers on the original Double Dare in the video below.

Double Dare returns to Nickelodeon this summer.