Briana DeJesus Taunts Kailyn Lowry On Twitter After Reunion Brawl

Briana DeJesus Instagram

Briana DeJesus isn’t letting the Teen Mom 2 reunion brawl go. It has been two days since she clashed with Kailyn Lowry while filming in New York City, and the animosity is still boiling. DeJesus has been at odds with her co-star for months. Her relationship with Javi Marroquin started all of this drama, and they split earlier this year.

Over the weekend, tensions hit an all-time high. Briana DeJesus ran at Kailyn Lowry while they were taping another segment for Teen Mom 2. This reportedly happened after there was an incident earlier in the day. While punches were thrown, no one was injured during the chaos that ensued. According to Us Weekly, Briana DeJesus tweeted at Kailyn Lowry to “get it together” earlier today. The tweet has since been deleted, but it brought the center of attention back to their beef.

Right now, everything is up in the air when it comes to Teen Mom 2. Briana DeJesus reportedly didn’t return to film yesterday after everything transpired between her and Kailyn Lowry on Saturday. The two have been feuding on social media for months, and when they crossed paths in New York City, things turned into chaos. Unfortunately, DeJesus and Lowry weren’t the only ones their brawl affected. Chelsea Houska allegedly left after the Teen Mom 2 fight broke out and headed back home.

The tweet and delete has been a signature move from Briana DeJesus since battling with Kailyn Lowry. Javi Marroquin started the problems between the two when he began to hook up with his ex-wife’s co-star. Lowry has been on Teen Mom 2 since the beginning, and DeJesus was just added. Her relationship with Marroquin only lasted three months, but the disconnect with Kail has been ongoing. At this point, a friendship between the two would be nearly impossible.

Moving forward, things are up in the air with the show. According to a report from the Hollywood Gossip, Briana DeJesus refused to film after the fight and has plans to quit the show. She gave an exclusive account of what happened but did not confirm whether or not she was going to return for another season of Teen Mom 2.

With everyone upset about the physical brawl, the future of Teen Mom 2 show could be at risk. Briana DeJesus hasn’t said too much more on social media after calling out Kailyn Lowry and then deleting the tweet, but this likely isn’t the end of it.