Meghan Markle's Nephew Tyler Dooley Allegedly Brings Knife To London Bar, Blames Trump

Meghan Markle's nephew, Tyler Dooley, got into a bit of a spot with police after bringing a four-inch knife to a London nightclub, News Corp Australia is reporting. What's more, a separate report claims that he blamed Donald Trump for his apparent lapse in judgment.

The Duchess of Sussex may have recently celebrated her big day, but her family continues to provide embarrassment to the newest member of the Royal Family. The latest concerns the son of her half-brother, Thomas Markle, Jr. It seems that Tyler Dooley, 25, allegedly showed up at a tony London nightclub with his friend and a knife, and then fled from the scene.

According to police, Tyler and his brother, TJ, showed up at the Bacchus bar in London early Sunday morning to celebrate their aunt's marriage to Prince Harry. However, as they attempted to enter the club, one of them - later identified as Tyler - admitted to security guards that he had a four-inch "lock knife" (that is, a folding knife with a locking mechanism that holds it in position) on his person.

According to The Daily Beast, when asked why he brought the knife, Dooley allegedly told security it was because Donald Trump had warned that London was a very dangerous city. When security guards told him the cops would be called, Dooley reportedly ran off.

Security guards at the nightclub did indeed call the police. They later turned up at the men's hotel room and talked to them. In addition to the knife situation, one of them also voluntarily handed over a can of pepper spray that they'd brought to London as well.

As it turns out, carrying a lock knife with a blade longer than three inches "without a good reason" is illegal in London, and can get you a prison sentence.

However, London police apparently took pity on the men and excused their ignorance, but not without a stern warning, according to a statement from Scotland Yard.

"Both men, who were visitors to the UK, were warned about their actions. Neither was arrested, no further action was taken and enquiries are complete."
Meghan remains estranged from her half-siblings on her father's side of the family - and indeed, none of them were invited to the Royal Wedding. Tyler and TJ were both invited by British TV channel ITV to provide coverage of the wedding.