Glenn Beck Is A Crazy Idiot Racist, According To Google Instant Search

Glenn Beck is “an idiot,” “crazy,” and “racist” according to Google Instant Search.

Google Instant Search is a fun innovation that we’ve actually gotten quite a bit of traction out of over the years. (Everyone remembers the infamous “white people stole my car” debacle). Basically, the function auto-fills the search field based on the most popular or relevant searches, which supposedly saves you between 2-5 seconds each search.

Google Instant Search also serves as an unintentional source of humor from time to time.

Mediaite made an interesting discovery regarding Glenn Beck during a recent search. If you go to Google and type in “Glenn Beck,” the first auto-fills you see are “Glenn Beck is an idiot,” “Glenn Beck is crazy,” “Glenn Beck is Mormon,” and “Glenn Beck is a racist.”

Naturally, these auto-fills were pushed to popularity by people who rage against the controversial conservative pundit and seek like-minded articles on Google to justify their anger.’

But it’s not just Glenn Beck. As a matter of fact, Google Instant Search reveals that America, as a whole, pretty much hates all cable news pundits. Searches for Joe Scarborough turn up options like “is an idiot,” “is a bully,” and “is a racist” while searches for Martin Basher turn up “is a liar,” and “is a loser.”

Nancy Grace turns up “is evil” and “is a horrible person.” Chris Matthews turns up “is insane.”

Other cable news pundits with bad Google Instant Search reputations include Eric Bolling, Shepard Smith, Gretchen Carlson, Sean Hannity, Piers Morgan, and Megyn Kelly. Most of them turn up “is an idiot” as a top auto-fill, while some of the female pundits turn up “is hot” or “is so hot,” or searches like “is she married.”

Even The Daily Show host Jon Stewart isn’t immune. His top searches are “is an idiot,” “is a Democrat,” and “is a douche.”

Basically, America hates all cable news hosts and pundits on the left and the right. Maybe there’s hope for bipartisanship in this country yet.

Do you think that Glenn Beck is an idiot, crazy, or a racist? If not Beck, which cable news host or pundit do you dislike the most?