Angela Bassett Dons A Slinky Black Tankini, Looks Amazing

Angela Bassett is beautiful at any age, but the actress recently showed the world that she's got a body to die for when she was snapped in a slinky black bikini while on vacation in the Caribbean.

The Daily Mail was the first to feature photos of the Black Panther star, who is just a stone's throw away from 60-years-old, but has a body that would put the average 25-year-old to shame.

Angela Bassett recently posted a photo of herself wearing a sexy black tankini on Instagram, which she took at Cap Maison in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

The tankini was a Kenneth Cole classic, and it's available at most department stores for about $100.

Check out the photo below.

To prepare for the role, Bassett said that she was aware of the challenges that her age brings, and she's trying to surmount them by "exercising more than not."

She said that, recently, her girlfriends and she walked the Rose Bowl, which was approximately a three-mile walk. They didn't run it, and they didn't over-exert themselves -- they just "showed up and had accountability," which plays a big role in staying fit and trim.

In addition to exercise, Angela Bassett said that she has a strict diet regimen that she follows, but that she "keeps it interesting" so she doesn't get bored with her food and over-eats.

Bassett, who has been married to actor Courtney B. Vance for years, also said that she does her part in keeping her family healthy by cooking for them, as well.

Angela Bassett is one of the most acclaimed actresses in Hollywood today, and she's proven with her recent tankini pictures that she is not only still rocking it -- and fabulous -- but that age is just a number, and you can look and feel good at any age, not just in your 20s.