Kelly Clarkson Shamelessly Begs To Have 'Timeless' Renewed, Fangirls Over Matt Lanter On BBMAs Red Carpet

Kim Brandow

Kelly Clarkson was the center of attention last night at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. She hosted this musical event for the first time ever and she killed it. From the moment that she took to the red carpet in a killer black dress, all eyes were on the American Idol alum.

E! News caught up with her for a short chat as she talked about her recent encounter with Timeless actor Matt Lanter. She also shamelessly put in a plug for getting the NBC show renewed.

Clarkson has no shame in using her platform to make sure the execs at NBC know how much she adores the fan-favorite drama. She said in the red carpet interview that she was fangirling over Matt Lanter when she ran into him over Mother's Day weekend. She laughed that she actually called him Wyatt, which is his on screen name. She mentioned that it is different meeting actual actors than other musical artists that she is around all the time.

At the end of the interview, Kelly then decided to smartly add in her own plea to renew Timeless. There has not been any announcements yet on whether NBC will pick the show up for another season. Fans have been campaigning on social media for it to be renewed. There has been no word yet from anyone, but Kelly Clarkson wants them to listen to her. She politely asked for them to make it happen.

"I hope they renew Timeless. If we have any pull, with our pull, I hope they renew it."

Not only are Timeless fans and celebrities waiting anxiously to hear some news about their favorite show, but the actors and actresses who star in it are on pins and needles as well. Hopefully this week will bring good news for them.