Jennifer Lopez Accused Of Lip Syncing At 2018 Billboard Music Awards, And Some Fans Aren’t Happy

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Jennifer Lopez is being called out by some fans who accused the actress and singer of lip syncing her performance of her new single, “Dinero,” at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Per a new report by Bustle, Lopez felt some heat from viewers tuning in to the big award show on May 20, as many accused her of not singing live as she took to the stage with DJ Khaled.

There’s no doubt that the star stunned as she took to the stage for the 1920s inspired performance of “Dinero,” which marked the first time Jennifer has performed the track on TV. She could be seen sporting a white pantsuit with matching hat before then taking both off to reveal a bedazzled white corset as she showed off her pretty incredible moves surrounded by a group of male dancers.

While JLo performed her new song, featuring DJ Khaled and Cardi B – who did not attend the award show, likely because she’s pregnant with her first child, but instead performed her verse via video – Twitter was flooded with comments accusing the Shades of Blue actress of lip syncing rather than singing the song live for the first time.

“Award shows shouldn’t allow artists to lip sync. This JLo performance would be amazing if she was actually singing,” one Billboard Music Awards viewer said of Jennifer, per Bustle,” while another wrote online, “JLo’s lip sync was so obvious.”

The site also revealed that it has reached out to Lopez’s reps to get confirmation regarding whether or not she was actually singing live during the show.

But despite the comments accusing her of failing to sing live, Lopez didn’t seem to be letting all the lip sync speculation get her down after leaving the stage.

Following the performance, Jennifer shared a clip on Instagram of herself and her dancers, who she referred to as the “dinero gang,” backstage at the Billboard Music Awards that showed them looking happy and confident as she threw up the peace sign to awaiting photographers.

“After the show feeling… #dinerogang #theuntouchables,” JLo captioned the clip.

But if Jennifer, who recently showed off her incredibly toned legs on Instagram, did opt to lip sync or use a backing track for her BBMAs performance of “Dinero,” there’s no doubting that her amazing dancing more than made up for her possible lack of live vocals.

JLo pulled of some pretty incredible dance moves as she put on a show with her team during the May 20 awards, and was also lifted into the air by her dancers at one point in the song before then laying across their arms and bending over backwards to see the audience.

Before taking to the stage during the BBMAs, Lopez opened up about teaming up with Cardi B and DJ Khaled on the song where she revealed that she was the one who sent the song to them and asked both to be a part of it.

Jennifer Lopez called out by fans who think she lip synced at Billboard Music Awards
Jennifer Lopez performing at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.Featured image credit: Kevin WinterGetty Images

“I’m a lucky girl. both [artists] are on fire,” Jennifer said while appearing on E!’s Live From The Red Carpet coverage from the Billboard Music Awards, per Refinery29. “I sent them the song. They both loved it.”

“It just came together really easily and fun. I’m so excited about it,” Jennifer Lopez then added of her new single, “Dinero.”