‘American Idol’ Finale: Katy Perry’s Pick To Win Season 16

Craig SjodinABC

The top three finalists of American Idol performed for the final time on May 20. Now it’s up to viewers to decide who will be given the top prize for the 16th season of the rebooted ABC series.

The two-part finale of Idol concludes Monday, May 21, with fans voting to determine the fate of Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Gabby Barrett, and Maddie Poppe.

The three contestants each performed three times. The performances were dedicated to their hometowns, a personal pick, and an original song.

Billboard reported that the judges have their own ideas on who should win Season 16 of the ABC reboot.

Katy Perry remarked to Billboard, that she is favoring Maddie Poppe to take the top spot.

She also stated, “I think country radio is still very strong, so people like Gabby [Barrett] and Caleb [Lee Hutchinson] have the potential.

“As far as streaming services, I think someone like Maddie has potential there. The more distinct the voice, the better the chances are.”

Series host Ryan Seacrest was pleased with the way the inaugural season of the ABC series turned out, but revealed he would change one large aspect of the show.

“I honestly wish we had a couple more weeks of the competition. Maybe next year,” he remarked to Billboard.

Ryan also revealed that he had complete faith in the panel of judges to assist in getting the strongest contestants to the finale.

He called the judges “stars” and revealed that their choices made for a “great race” on the series.

As for his own favorites, the show host stayed neutral to Billboard, revealing that he believed Gabby, Maddie, and Caleb all brought their own unique spin to performing and that all had a fair shot at winning the season.

Luke Bryan felt the remaining three contestants were “totally worthy” of having big hits, whether or not they won Season 16.

Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie will remain at their judge’s posts for Season 17 of American Idol.

So will it be Gabby, Maddie, or Caleb for the win?

Ryan Seacrest will open the final envelope and announce the name of the 16th American Idol on Monday, May 21.

Season 17 auditions for the fall premiere of American Idol will be held this summer in select cities across the United States.