Princess Charlotte Delivers Royal Raspberry On Uncle Harry's Big Day

Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Duke William and Duchess Kate, isn't shy when it comes to the camera. She has been seen countless times waving to her heart's content while passing by the paparazzi. There were several times at the Royal Wedding alone that Charlotte smiled and gave a wave, including when her uncle, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, her new aunt, were heading off on their long walk in the carriage.

Prince Harry looked dashing in his royal formal wear, and Meghan looked stunning in her understated white Givenchy wedding gown. It was a day on which Meghan Markle married her prince charming. Traditionally, a wedding day is all about the bride and her groom. However, it was the youngsters in the bridal party, Princess Charlotte and Prince George included, that stole the hearts of the people.

Today was an exciting day for Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. She was one of the six young bridesmaids in Meghan Markle's bridal party. Billions of people witnessed Charlotte waving at the crowd like a seasoned professional, not shy in the least.

The Insider made reference to Princess Charlotte's charming personality during the Royal Wedding by stating that the 3-year-old's duties included "holding flowers, walking down the aisle, and demonstrating for Meghan the proper way to wave."

What most people didn't notice, however, was the royal raspberry Princess Charlotte gave the cameras and crowd outside of St. George's Chapel, in Windsor.

After the Royal Wedding, those who watched the ceremony spoke of how well behaved the young children were. Their proper behavior was a breath of fresh air for the royal family. The children, reported OK, were so poorly behaved that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had two rehearsals for the ceremony. Eventually, it was decided that Duchess Kate would walk with the children into the chapel.
When the prince was a child, he was known for pulling a move similar to that of Princess Charlotte. He stuck his tongue out while waiting in the car after he visited a newly born Princess Beatrice back in 1988. According to People, Prince Harry pulled the same face again when he arrived at a school play with his mother, Princess Diana.

We tend to forget that, although the royal family can be demure and proper, they are still normal people. Princess Charlotte seemed to be channeling her uncle on the day of his wedding. Prince Harry had many endearingly silly instances when he was a youngster, and he still has his relatable moments to this day.