Cops Laugh At ‘Drunk’ Man Who Called Police To Report A Pig Following Him Home, Then Find Out He Wasn’t Lying


In very odd and adorable news, a man recently placed an emergency call because he was being followed by a pig. As Click On Detroit reported, a man placed a call to an Ohio police station on May 20, 2018, at 5:26 in the morning. The incident took place in North Ridgeville, Ohio, and the officials assumed the person was drunk.

The gentleman was walking home early on Sunday morning, and he called the police because he didn’t know what to do. It seems a pig was following him home, but given the fact the man was seemingly intoxicated, the police department didn’t initially believe him. The police indicated that the man may have been drunk, but at least he was able to call the police while hallucinating.

But once officers arrived on the scene, much to their surprise, they found that the male was very sober. And even more shocking to the officers, the person in question was correct; a pig was indeed following him home. The pig was wrangled into a cruiser, returned to its owner, and the police said they should have learned their lesson after the kangaroo incident. Yes, there was a kangaroo incident in the same small Ohio town (population of just under 33,000).


As reported on November 28, 2015, the same police department in North Ridgeville received a call that a kangaroo, Foster, was hopping his way down Lorain Road at around 6:00 in the morning. Similar to the pig incident above, the police department thought that the individual who reported the kangaroo might have been partaking in some holiday punch. But that was not the case.

Upon arrival, a police officer knew Foster and his owners, Candice and Joe Hannah. The 3-year-old kangaroo was rescued, but the adorable animal was a little shook up. Candice and Joe run Little Big Farm, a large retreat for rescue animals, and Foster was happy to return to his loving abode.


While all of this news seems rather odd, one thing is almost for certain, if you want to meet some adorable animals, just take a morning stroll in North Ridgeville, Ohio.