2018 iPhone SE 2 To Incorporate iPhone X Features

Rumors have spread that Apple will incorporate some iPhone X features in the 2018 iPhone SE 2. The budget iPhone is expected to launch within in a couple months.


According to Trusted Reviews, the 2018 iPhone SE 2's overall design will mimic Apple's tenth-anniversary flagship phone. Ben Geskin, a well-respected leaker in the mobile industry, released a render of the upcoming SE 2 based on the rumors that the budget iPhone would be inspired by the iPhone X.

As seen on the render Geskin posted on Twitter, the iPhone SE 2 might have a glass back. The trusted mobile leaker also hinted that Apple's budget iPhone might be equipped with wireless charging.

Besides its possible all-glass back, a video posted on Weibo suggested that the iPhone SE 2 front may be all screen with curved edges and a small notch at the top like the iPhone X. This design feature, however, is less likely as Apple will probably want to reserve certain designs for its higher-end models.

Martin Hajek, a well-known concept designer, released a render in which the 2018 iPhone SE 2 looks more like the iPhone 5 with square edges and Geskin's glass back. Given that Apple is slated to release three more high-end iPhone X-inspired units later in the year, it is highly probable that the iPhone SE 2 will look more like the iPhone 5 and Apple will only incorporate the iPhone X's glass back into the budget phone's design.

The budget iPhone will probably have smaller bezels because of the fad right now in mobile design. It will probably have a haptic home button, too.

Features and Specs

While the overall look of the iPhone SE 2 might follow the iPhone 5, its internal hardware might be different. There is talk that Apple plans to make Face ID available to the 2018 budget iPhone.

Incorporating Face ID into the iPhone SE 2 will greatly affect the 2018 model's design and hardware. If Apple does want to incorporate its high-tech security system, its budget iPhone will have to be built with all the necessary fixtures for a TrueDepth camera.

Face ID would also mean that the iPhone SE 2 will most likely run on Apple's A11 Bionic chip. After all, the chipset was made with the neural engine in mind, making the smartphone capable of recognizing and learning the changes in its users' appearance.


With specs similar to the iPhone X, the price is a big question for the iPhone SE 2. After all, the budget phone will probably have some of Apple's high-end features.

When it comes to price, loyal Apple users might be in luck. According to Forbes, the Cupertino-based company decided to decrease the prices of its upcoming iPhone X-inspired models by $100 to $200.

The decreased price of Apple's high-end iPhones will certainly affect the price of the 2018 iPhone SE 2. Currently, the cheapest variant of the iPhone SE costs $349 with 32GB. Meanwhile, the cheapest variant of the iPhone X is $1,149 with 256GB.