'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Star Vicki Gunvalson Posts Touching Tribute To Daughter Briana Culberson

Briana Culberson has pretty much grown up on the Real Housewives of Orange County. Briana was first introduced into the hit reality television series as Vicki Gunvalson's daughter and since then, she has become a mom and a wife. Vicki Gunvamlson and her son-in-law, Ryan Culberson, paid tribute to Briana as she endures struggles with her health.

Briana is recently recovering from her hospitalization due to her ongoing battle with lupus, according to Radar Online. Vicki shared a throwback photo of Briana smiling in her nurse's garb.

Briana and her husband opted for a simpler life, so the couple left RHOC behind to move to North Carolina, according to Radar Online. When the married couple moved away, that upset Vicki, who had to sell the four-bedroom and four bath California home that she bought for Briana, her husband, and children.

"So proud of my beautiful daughter Briana who followed her dream 9 years ago and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in less than 4 years. Despite her recent diagnosis of lupus, relocating several times and having 2 beautiful boys she has remained passionate in her career in the ER. I love her more than words can say and am so proud of her strength. #happynursesweek#mydaughter #mybestfriend#missingheracrossthemiles"
Earlier this year, Briana's husband revealed that she was hospitalized due to complications with her battle with lupus. Culberson asked for prayers and well wishes for Briana. The soldier uploaded an Instagram post of his wife in a hospital bed at UNC Health Care in North Carolina. Bryan revealed that she's battling "inflammation around her heart," according to People.
"Please keep my wife in your thoughts and prayers! Her lupus is causing inflammation around her heart and is causing it to go in and out of irregular heart rhythms now requiring her to have a cardiac ablation."
Briana underwent a procedure that is used to correct heart rhythm problems, according to the Mayo Clinic.Briana's diagnosis was revealed to RHOC audiences during the Season 11 finale in fall of 2016. Briana's health journey has been a difficult time for the mother of two.

On May 12, Culberson took to Instagram and posted a wedding photo of himself with Briana to mark their vows renewal anniversary. Culberson noted that he and Brianna had been married for six years and thanked family and friends who supported their impromptu marriage that was made official in Las Vegas via a drive-thru window.

"6 years ago today, Briana and I asked our family and friends to support our crazy undeniable urge to marry each other in a Vegas drive thru window in the middle of the night 7 months prior. By this time on 5.12.12, we were 4 months pregnant with Troy and discovered at our wedding that we were having a baby boy."
"This day was so meaningful not only because it was a beautiful celebration of our love for each other, but mostly because our friends and family supported us and loved us through our crazy love story. #vegaselopement #bacarawedding #lovemywife"
Briana and Ryan share two sons together, Troy, 5, and Owen, 3.