Heidi Klum Dons Bikini On Yacht Vacation With Younger Boyfriend, Tom Kaulitz

Fans of Heidi Klum know all too well the supermodel doesn't have a single shy bone anywhere in her body. As OK Magazine reminds us, Klum and her much younger boyfriend, Tom Kaultiz, have been sporting some hot and heavy PDA over the last few months – and haven't stopped to care who might be watching.

Radar Online notes the hot and heavy romance between the supermodel and Kaultiz doesn't appear to be fizzling out any time soon as the two were all over each other this weekend during their vacation on a yacht in Cannes while Klum showed off that gorgeous bikini body.

While the two were linked as an item earlier this year, it was not until this past Thursday – during the 25th Annual Cinema Against AIDS Gala – that Heidi and her young boyfriend made their first official debut as a famous couple.

Paparazzi snapped pictures of the adorable couple spending time together on a yacht in Cannes on Saturday. In every single picture snapped of the couple, it was clear the two were enjoying a very romantic boat trip as they appeared to be struggling to keep their hands off of each other.

The 44-year-old supermodel and her 28-year-old boyfriend were seen in several romantic embraces as well as exchanging several passionate kisses. In one photo, Heidi was spotted lounging on her back with her head resting on her boyfriend's lap. Her boyfriend was leaned over playfully kissing her navel. While Heidi's face was covered, most assumed she was likely doing the same thing as her head appeared to be tilted.

In the adorable and PDA-filled photos from their time together this weekend, fans of the supermodel also got to catch a glimpse of the supermodel's bombshell body as she donned a pastel-colored bikini. In some of the pictures, Heidi could be seen wearing a flattering bikini top and bottom. In other pictures, the supermodel had a modest black and white wrap over her top half like a jacket or bottom half like a skirt.
Romantic and PDA-packed boating trips appear to be a thing for this adorable couple as they were spotted about a month ago doing more or less the same thing during a boating trip in Mexico. During that trip, the two displayed just as much passion and PDA for each other as they did on the one they took this weekend.