NFL Rumors: Minnesota Vikings Want To Sign Stefon Diggs To Long-Term Contract

Stefon Diggs is one of the most dangerous wide receivers in the entire NFL. He has been underrated his whole career, but after last season and the Minnesota Vikings' success, Diggs is becoming a household name. Now, he is hoping to be paid like the star that he has become.

According to a report from the Star Tribune, the Vikings are hoping to sign Diggs to a long-term contract extension. Any new deal that Diggs gets will come with a major pay raise. Minnesota knows that the deal isn't going to be cheap, but they cannot afford to play games with their star receiver.

During the 2017 NFL season with the Vikings, Diggs put together a solid all-around year. He caught 64 passes for 849 yards and eight touchdowns. In the playoffs, however, Diggs played a major role in the success that the Vikings were able to have, catching 14 passes for 207 yards and a touchdown in just two games.

Among those statistics was the "Minneapolis Miracle." For those who are not sure what that term means, it was the game-winning touchdown pass from Case Keenum to Diggs that beat the New Orleans Saints as time expired. That play helped change the buzz surrounding the Vikings and the playoffs.

At just 24-years-old, Diggs has yet to reach his full potential. He has plenty of room left to grow as a player and the Vikings are smart for wanting to get a new deal done as soon as possible. Getting something done with Diggs before the season is likely, but if they can't, they should be able to get it done next offseason.

Kirk Cousins is now the quarterback in Minnesota and is a major upgrade from Keenum. That addition alone certainly makes it likely that Diggs will put up huge numbers in 2018. If he does have the kind of season that many expect from him, his market value will skyrocket.

It will be interesting to hear what kind of range the Vikings are thinking for Diggs' new contract. He isn't currently being talked about as one of the NFL's top-five receivers, but he's certainly going to put himself in that conversation if he plays like many expect him to in 2018.

All of that being said, expect to hear more news about Diggs in the near future. Minnesota wants to lock him up, but it might not happen as soon as they might like. If not this offseason, the two sides will have a good chance to work something out next offseason.