Khloe Kardashian Is Not Hoping Baby True Marries Prince George [Debunked]

Although it might seem like an interesting scenario for Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's baby girl, True Thompson, to marry Prince George at some point in the future, a new report suggests that there's no truth to the rumor that Khloe is looking forward to seeing her newborn daughter marry into the royal family.

The original report came from Hollywood Life, which, on Saturday, cited a "source close to the Kardashian family" and wrote that she "joked" about baby True possibly marrying Prince George, and potentially having to compete against her cousins, North and Chicago West, for a chance to marry the 4-year-old son of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Allegedly, Khloe was so inspired by yesterday's royal wedding that she got the idea of her daughter becoming part of the British royal family once she comes of age, but Gossip Cop wrote today that Hollywood Life's claims are completely made up.

Speculating on how Hollywood Life got its ideas for the True Thompson and Prince George "wedding" story, Gossip Cop discussed how Khloe Kardashian commented that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are "prince and princess now" on an Instagram post where she recorded herself watching the royal wedding live on television. The publication added that Kardashian's Instagram post inspired the "generally reliable" People to write that Khloe "congratulated" Markle, and also refer to the former Suits actress as "Britain's new princess."

"Technically, Markle is not a princess," wrote Gossip Cop.

"She's now the Duchess of Sussex. Regardless, that set off a lightbulb at the fiction factory known as HollywoodLies to come up with its totally fabricated story."
Gossip Cop also stressed that Khloe Kardashian never said anything in public about baby True while watching the royal wedding, and alleged that Hollywood Life had most likely created a fictional, unnamed source to quote on its report to make it sound legitimate. Furthermore, it was also noted that Hollywood Life's purported insider had used the words "perfect combination of British and American royalty" when referring to Prince George and True Thompson, mirroring how People used the term "American royalty" in a tongue-in-cheek manner when referring to Meghan Markle.

In a further effort to debunk Hollywood Life's piece as another example of fake news it's supposedly published about the Kardashian family, Gossip Cop wrote that it tried to verify the report with Khloe Kardashian's camp, and see if she really said something, jokingly or not, about wanting baby True and Prince George to have their own royal wedding. The fact-checking site said that the Kardashian family representative it spoke to replied by "laughing off" the Hollywood Life report as untrue.