Ellen Pompeo Says That This Season Of 'Grey's Anatomy' Will Be The Last

Shonda Rhimes -- the fabulous creator of the hit ABC doctor drama, Grey's Anatomy -- has said in the past that she would be happy to continue with the show so long as Ellen Pompeo agreed to continue to star in it.

But, in a recent interview, Pompeo revealed that this season of the show may very well be the last, especially since she's interested in retiring from acting to focus on motherhood.

That's according to Us Weekly, who recently sat down with the acclaimed Grey's Anatomy star for an exclusive interview.

Pompeo said that she and Rhimes "will make the decision together" when it comes to deciding the ultimate fate of the show.

She said that being on the show has taught her about the changing nature of relationships -- that they do change and grow, but they also require a lot of work. What's more, she said that being a part of the show has also taught her that things always change "for the better."

But Pompeo, who is currently working with Young Living Essential Oils to launch its new Seedlings line of baby care products, also said that her three children need her now more than ever, especially as they get older, and especially as the "world becomes crazier."

Pompeo said that she also discussed the series finale of Grey's Anatomy with Shonda Rhimes, so she knows exactly how the show's going to end. However, she's not willing to share it with everyone quite yet.

If, however, Grey's Anatomy does end after this season, Pompeo knows what she'd like to do to keep herself busy: directing and producing.

"It's like one problem after another, it's problem-solving 101. It's like a great experiment in problem-solving. Acting is … it's a young girl's game. You've gotta travel, you've gotta be away. [You've] gotta go here and work at night in the rain. I'm not saying I'll never do it. If there's an amazing opportunity I'm sure, of course I'll do it."
The show has certainly had its fair share of shake-ups, especially since Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew left this past season. However, Pompeo still has a handsome $20 million salary.Grey's Anatomy airs on ABC Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.