Chelsea Houska Refuses To Continue Filming 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion After Brawl

Chelsea Houska is upset about the events that transpired on the set of the Teen Mom 2 reunion. Going into filming, it was revealed that the reality star was nervous a fight might break out. Houska has been following the drama between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus on social media for months. Yesterday, everything came to a head, and punches were thrown.

While no one was actually hurt yesterday, Chelsea Houska has had enough of the drama. MTV reportedly assured her that she would be safe stepping out on stage with her Teen Mom 2 co-stars. According to The Ashley, Chelsea Houska is refusing to film anymore. She is asking that accommodations be made for her like they were for Jenelle Evans. This isn't shocking given that Houska is currently pregnant with her third child and could have been hurt yesterday.

Kailyn Lowry mentioned that there may be a fight when she crossed paths with her co-stars. In fact, she talked about throwing hands in one of the episodes of her podcast. MTV was aware things could get tense, especially after there was a prior confrontation between Lowry and DeJesus that was reportedly filmed before the women were headed out to the stage.

Right now, MTV isn't sure what to do with Chelsea Houska refusing to film. She is upset that they promised she would be safe and feels like it was intentionally allowed to happen. It wasn't clear whether or not Houska actually left New York City, or if she remained in town until her scheduled flight. She is not the only Teen Mom 2 cast member who refused to film after the fight broke out. Jo Rivera left the set and went home. He is no longer interested in the drama that is happening.

It is likely that this will be the end of Teen Mom 2 for Chelsea Houska as she has expressed wanting to leave in the past. With another baby on the way and her life more settled, reality television isn't a need anymore. Houska and Cole DeBoer have built a life together, and even when they are filming, the only drama they have is with Aubree's father, Adam Lind. Fans won't be shocked if Chelsea opts out of the show completely going forward.