Surface Phone: Microsoft Might Have Just Dropped A Clue During Its Recent Discussion About The Courier

Simon Alvarez

If recent patents about the device are any indication, it appears like the long-rumored Microsoft Surface Phone will be a foldable handset. Just recently, patents emerged stating that Microsoft is looking to develop and create a device that is equipped with not just two, but three displays. If anything, the recent patents about the yet-to-be-named handset all suggest one thing -- Microsoft is really trying to push the envelope when it re-enters the smartphone market.

Earlier this month, the Redmond-based tech giant might have dropped a massive clue about its upcoming mobile device. During a minor conference in Build 2018, Microsoft designer Jon Friedman discussed a particularly interesting topic -- the Microsoft Courier, and why it was canceled. As a device, the Courier is definitely one of the machines that could have truly made Microsoft a leader in the mobile computing space.

Equipped with two displays, the Courier concept could be folded in and out, giving its users unprecedented usability. The device also had stylus support, which made it perfect for taking notes. Unfortunately, the Courier was never released, and it remained largely unknown by the smartphone community, at least until the Surface Phone's recent patents emerged. As could be seen in the upcoming device's patents, Microsoft appears to be adopting the Courier's design and concept to the Surface Phone, and the results are rather stunning.

Based on the rumors about the device, the Surface Phone, or Microsoft Andromeda, as the device is also dubbed as, will be running the full desktop version of Windows 10, according to a WinCentral report. This makes it fully compatible with Microsoft's operating system, and coupled with a rumored capability to run desktop-grade applications; there is a pretty good chance that the Surface Phone would be a device that can be what the Courier could have been.