Meghan Markle Appeared To Drop The F-Bomb As She Crossed Through Gates Of Windsor Castle After Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle may have just gotten caught up in the moment.

The newest member of the royal family was so impressed as she crossed through the gates of Windsor Castle after the royal wedding that she appeared to drop the F-bomb, sending Twitter into a frenzy. As Hollywood Life noted, some online lip readers decided that Markle appeared to say "Oh f**k!" as she and Prince Harry rode their horse-drawn carriage through the historic gate.

The moment was part of a number of very personal touches to the normally stuffy process of a royal wedding. As The Sun reported, the dress code for the wedding was not nearly as formal as royal family weddings in the past, calling for a "morning suit or lounge suit" for men and a "day dress" for women. That allowed guests to select attire that was a little more casual if they so chose.

The ceremony had a number of decidedly American touches as well, owing to Meghan Markle's upbringing in the United States. As People magazine noted, American Bishop Michael Curry delivered a fiery sermon that was one of the most talked-about moments, and a Gospel choir belted out the American song "Stand By Me."

And after Meghan and Harry said their vows, they were serenaded with the Etta James version of the song "This Little Light Of Mine," which People noted was a hallmark of the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and '60s.

These moments helped to take attention away from what had been a chaotic final week before the wedding, with plenty of drama arising from Markle's family members. Her father was caught allegedly posing for photographs for paparazzi showing his wedding preparation, and he later suffered a heart attack and needed emergency surgery that kept him laid up in the United States during the wedding.

The supposed F-bomb wasn't the only endearing moment between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry caught on camera. As Hollywood Life noted, at another point Harry appeared to tell Meghan that he "needed a drink" as they finished the procession after saying their vows.

Not everyone thinks that Meghan Markle dropped the F-bomb in the video clip, however. Some who watched the video clip think she may have said the much more appropriate "Oh wow!" instead.