Trump Reportedly Considering Plan To Fire Jeff Sessions


It looks like President Trump will fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions. On Sunday morning, Trump took to Twitter and posted a series of tweets criticizing the Mueller investigation and Hillary Clinton. The tweets also hinted a tinge of anger at Sessions, who had recused himself from the investigation—a move which Trump never expected.

The animosity between Sessions and Trump grew last year when Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. Trump reportedly called him an “idiot” and sharply reprehended him for not looking into the alleged crimes of Hillary Clinton.

In December, Trump told the New York Times that he would have never appointed Sessions had he know that the latter would recuse himself from the Russia probe. The president had on many occasions suggested that Sessions should resign.

In March, Sessions hit back at Trump. He said that the Justice Department has initiated the appropriate process that’s fair and just. “As long as I am the Attorney General, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor, and this Department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and Constitution,” he said.

It’s likely that Trump is drawing up a plan to fire Sessions, a report by Business Insider suggested.

On Saturday, Trump’s friend and longtime ally Judge Jeanine Pirro attacked the attorney general. On her Opening Statement on Fox News, she said that Sessions is not only bad for President Trump and America, he is also downright dangerous.


“The most powerful prosecutor in the world, the man who holds the scales of justice in his hands, hides behind the coat tails of a Rod Rosenstein,” Pirro ranted. “A man we never even heard of who is in fact behind all of Jeff Sessions’ decisions, who is, in fact, running our Department of Justice.”

On the one-year Russian probe, Pirro said that the investigation has been staffed with the “singularly most-biased special counsel attorneys in American history.”

“We have witnessed events unfold which are so unbelievable and so unimaginable, you’d have to be wearing a tin foil hat or be a card-carrying member of the conspiracy party to even believe it exists,” she said.