Jax Taylor And James Kennedy New Feud: DJ Publicly Humiliated Brittany Cartwright At SUR

Jax Taylor and James Kennedy of Bravo's Vanderpump Rules have had a rocky past, to say the least. The two SUR employees could never see eye to eye and had one of the reality show's most intense feuds since Season 3. Fans were shocked to see the two men come together at the Season 5 reunion show and enjoy laughs together, which eventually led to an unusual friendship in Season 6.

All good things must come to an end though, as it appears the feud is back on between James and Jax, according to Jax's recent slew of tweets. Jax recently appeared on fellow Bravolebrity Jeff Lewis's Sirius XM radio show and discussed what caused the new and very deep rift between the two reality stars.

In the interview, which was recapped by a fan, Jax's girlfriend Brittany Cartwright recently attended a set performed by James at SUR, and she was subsequently humiliated by the DJ over the speaker system. James allegedly began rapping about Jax's cheating scandal with Faith Stowers which played out during Season 6. According to the fans recap, which Jax confirmed, Brittany left SUR in tears and was utterly humiliated.

Jax retweeted the story and added, "It's on now…"

The former SUR bartender then continued to tweet about the incident and took several digs at James.

"I told you all this since day one.. he's been a piece of s*** since day one, I tried being nice it's over now…," he added.

When another fan responded to Jax and claimed karma would eventually catch up with James, Jax responded with an "Oh just you wait…."

It seems there will be no shortage of storylines or drama when Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules premieres in the near future.

The news of the new feud came as quite a shock since it was recently reported by Bravo's The Daily Dish that the two men were getting along just fine. This is something viewers will see discussed in part three of the reunion, where they will detail their past and how they are currently in a good place. James also recently admitted in an interview with E! that he and his former enemy were doing great, and how Jax recently gifted him some underwear.

Part three of Season 6's Vanderpump Rules reunion airs this Monday at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.