Four Teens Killed In Horrific Car Crash In East Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Four teens lost their lives in a horrific car crash which left the vehicle in tatters after flipping over and striking a tree in Massachusetts' Plymouth County on Saturday, reports the Boston Herald.

District Attorney Timothy Cruz said that the five people traveling in the car were all males and in their "high teens." There is still little information on how the accident came to be but the violence of the crash was evident by the remains of a dilapidated white sedan in the front yard of a home. Susan Burns, a witness to the accident, told NBC News that the sound of the car's impact against the tree felt like a lightning strike. Another neighbor, Rocky Savino, told reporters that "the teens drove on his front yard, plowed through his stone wall, hit a neighbor's porch and then a tree before landing upside down, trapping them all inside."

After the accident, another group of teenagers stopped along the road, notifying Savino that the five males in the white sedan had just been returning after paintballing all day.

"They told me they had a good time, they just came back from paintballing. You know they spent the day paintballing," he said.

Out of the five teens in the car, three were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. A fourth male was transported to the Brockton Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Only the last male managed to survive the accident but remains fighting for his life at the Boston Medical Center.

Cruz said that the DA's office was in the process of notifying the families and would not want the names of the deceased to be released publicly before that. He requested young drivers to remain safe when they drive.

"This is a tragic, tragic situation, and we hope that any and all younger drivers that may be out there for any reasons at this... festive time of year, that everybody is careful and goes slow and remembers that their parents love them."
David J. Sheedy, chairman of the East Bridgewater Board of Selectmen, said that he felt his body freeze when he heard about the tragic accident. He said that none of the four teens who succumbed to their injuries were from town.
"It's a call that no parent and no grandparent should ever have to get. Even that email coming to me, it sent chills up and down my spine."
Sheedy said that the scene of the accident was so grisly that they have had to set up a crisis center at the town's fire station for the first responders who tended to the teens.

"We are trying to get them through what's going to be nightmarish for a while for them," he said.

Cruz refused to give out any more information on the accident, pointing out that his office is still conducting the preliminary stages of the investigation.