Dimitrios Pagourtzis: Texas School Shooter Laughed And Taunted Students As He Killed Them, Witnesses Claim

Dimitrios Pagourtzis laughed and taunted students as he shot them to death in a school attack that left 10 people dead, witnesses to the massacre claim.

The Santa Fe High School junior is accused of opening fire with a Remington 870 shotgun and a.38-caliber handgun in the school, and witnesses said the killing appeared to excite the 17-year-old. As the New York Post reported, witnesses claimed Pagourtzis blasted a Japanese World War II military anthem on his cell phone and sang "Another one bites the dust" as he killed students.


Kole Dixon, a 16-year-old sophomore, said he had a friend inside one of the classrooms where Pagourtzis allegedly carried out the massacre. The classmate claimed that the shooter yelled "Surprise, motherf***er!" as he shot into a closet where students were hiding, then taunted the murdered students.

"Are you dead?" he reportedly asked from outside the closet.

When a cell phone in the classroom rang, Dimitrios Pagourtzis taunted, "Do you think it's for you?"

Pagourtzis had reportedly planned to commit suicide after the school shooting but couldn't go through with it. He was later captured by police without incident.

"He gave himself up and admitted at the time he didn't have the courage to commit suicide, that he wanted to take his own life earlier," Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said in a press conference hours after the shooting (via the New York Post).

The school shooting came as a surprise to some, with classmates saying he was a quiet and unassuming boy. The parents of the alleged school shooter have also said they had no indication that he been planning the massacre. Police said the 17-year-old obtained the weapons from his father, who had purchased them legally.

Some students said one of those killed in the massacre was the boy's ex-girlfriend, as well as another girl who had rejected his advances. The reports did not specify which of the victims these were.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene during the shooting, including reports that a student or teacher had pulled a fire alarm as the shooting started to alert others in the school. Many students claimed that they did not hear any of the gunshots until after the first alarm sounded, KTVU reported.

Police said Dimitrios Pagourtzis has admitted to the shooting and is cooperating with authorities.