‘Southern Charm’ Stars Kathryn Dennis And Patricia Altschul Have Buried The Hatchet

How times have changed on the popular Bravo series Southern Charm! For several seasons, Kathryn Dennis and Southern Charm matriarch Patricia Altschul seemed to have been battling, but now cast member Craig Conover is saying that the two ladies are now fine in each other’s company. Whether it’s that time heals all wounds or that the two have a common foe, only time (and Bravo) will tell.

When the current season of Southern Charm started, Kathryn and Patricia still seemed to have a rocky relationship, but several sources say that things have had a major shift which the cast will surely mention at the upcoming reunion.

Bravo quoted Kathryn’s castmate and friend Craig Conover as saying that the bad blood between the two southern ladies has changed.

“Patricia, she doesn’t say mean stuff about Kathryn anymore.”

While this isn’t the most ringing endorsement of a burgeoning friendship, things were said to start changing when neither woman could put their finger on the real reason for the rift. Both women are notorious for saying what they mean and meaning what they say, but most thought that it all started when Kathryn and Patricia’s son Whitney stopped being friends.


But after Kathryn and Whitney mended fences, there seemed to be nothing holding Dennis and Altschul from working things out. In fact, even before Craig mentioned that things had changed between Patricia and Kathryn, social media showed that Kathryn was now one of the gang. A photo on the Instagram accounts of Cameran, Shep, Whitney, and Kathryn showed a lunch date with the Charmers and Cameran’s daughter Palmer.

Cameran Eubanks admits that perhaps she had misjudged Kathryn, suggesting a thawing on the cast.

“I’ve obviously known Kathryn for longer. Being a new mother makes me see Kathryn in a much different light. Like, I feel like I have a lot more empathy for her now, just going through what she’s gone through and being a single mother of two children. So yeah, I’m definitely more on Team Kat this year.”

Kathryn says that it’s much easier filming the show for Bravo when most of the cast are counted amongst your friends.


Recent buzz suggests that at this time, Kathryn and Patricia are a-okay in each other’s company. Recently the two belles were spotted out at a Charleston restaurant together at a table with a mutual friend chatting away. The source said that the three ladies were laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Maybe it won’t be long before Southern Charm fans spot Patricia and Kathryn shopping together at Gwynn’s.