Six Squirrels Get Themselves In A Sticky Situation In Nebraska

Richard HeathcoteGetty Images

Squirrels can be as sweet as can be, running around collecting nuts in the backyard. One man in Elkhorn, Nebraska spotted six of the little critters right next to his house in a tree. However, he soon discovered that they had gotten themselves in quite a “squirrely” situation. He quickly called on animal control for some help. According to the Omaha World-Herald, the babies were only 8-weeks-old and had somehow gotten their tails entangled together. They couldn’t move well and looked like one big web of furry creatures.

Apparently, this is not an unusual occurrence. Wildlife expert, Laura Stastny, said that this does happen about every year or two. She cited the cause of these baby squirrels getting themselves stuck together is from sticky tree sap. Their tails then knotted together causing a ruckus. They were moving along as one whole unit. It is quite a sight to behold, as seen in the photos.

The sextuplets had a towel put over them in order to calm them down a bit during the rescue and then were transferred to the Nebraska rehab center for treatment. The tedious process of cutting away the tree sap from their fur, and then untangling the tails, took only about an hour. They were also given mild painkillers. Some of them will need to have surgery to remove parts of their tail from damage done while they were stuck in the tree together.


The six squirrels will continue their stay at the Nebraska rehab center until they are able to be released into the wild to live on their own. The babies are said to be doing well. Hopefully, they will stay clear of trees with sticky sap in it.

Squirrels aren’t the only animals that the rehab center rescues. Just a few days after this rescue, a couple of volunteers took to the water to help a white pelican who was in trouble. The poor thing was flapping around wildly, as seen on their Facebook page, but they finally succeeded in grabbing it to take back to the facility for care. There are all sorts of animals in the wild who are in trouble and need help from these volunteers who love what they do.