Donald Trump Misspelled Melania’s Name In Initial Tweet Welcoming Her Back To The White House

Alex WongGetty Images

In a move that’s unlikely to win him points at home, or well, anywhere, President Donald Trump actually misspelled First Lady Melania Trump’s name in his initial tweet welcoming her back to the White House.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Melania Trump spent the week recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after her successful kidney surgery for a benign condition.

The POTUS took to Twitter to welcome FLOTUS back home to the White House this morning, but he embarrassingly misspelled her name as “Melanie” instead of “Melania.” It’s a mistake he quickly edited, but plenty of people saw the eye-brow raising blunder according to a Hollywood Life report.

While the president is no stranger to controversial tweet, this one might take the cake. He already drew ire for failing to mark the First Lady’s birthday in a special manner. Then, on Mother’s Day, he took time to mention his own mother, but not his current wife and the mother of his youngest son, 12-year-old Barron Trump.

His misspelling left many people wondering precisely who “Melanie” is, but of course, he quickly edited to clarify changing the spelling to Melania. Perhaps the President fell victim to autocorrect like so many people do on a daily basis. Although, there are undoubtedly some who believe the President doesn’t care enough even to remember how to spell his wife’s name.


They seem to have a strained marriage at times with her rebuffing his attempts at hand holding in public, and an infamously awkward kissing attempt when she wore a wide-brimmed hat when the French President and First Lady recently visited the White House.

Since her return, Melania Trump is resting comfortably and remains in high spirits, according to an Associated Press News report. Because first ladies typically do not have to reveal their medical histories, some questions remain about the state of Melania’s health, but so far, it appears that she remains in good health since the procedure.

Her surgery and subsequent five-day stay at Walter Reed marks the most severe operation since First Lady Nancy Reagan underwent a mastectomy to treat her breast cancer in 1987 while Ronald Reagan served as president.